VT Vacuum Technologies was established in 2002 as a reliable supplier of ultra-high vacuum equipment and components imported from established overseas companies, within India. With several years of proven experience and credibility, VT Vacuum Technologies (P) Ltd has now emerged as India’s largest supplier of ultra-high vacuum equipment, cryogenic equipment and components to research organizations, universities, and industries such as electronics, pharmaceuticals, semiconductor and system integrators.

VT Vacuum Technologies is an offshoot of the VT group of companies, which has made an indelible presence in the vacuum industry since 1989. Today, as a group, we are one of India’s largest suppliers of standard and custom-built indigenous ultra-high vacuum equipment and components. Our corporate office is located at Bangalore with regional offices at Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Hyderabad.

VT Vacuum Technologies (P) Ltd offers a comprehensive suite of instruments, components, systems and process control solutions that empower regulations and govern critical parameters in vacuum technology. We collaborate with several overseas companies in providing custom solutions in India for ultra- high vacuum equipments, cryogenic equipments and components used in space research, electronic industries and defence sectors to name a few. As a result, we have an extensive product portfolio that encompasses all vacuum instruments, components, and systems.

VT Vacuum Technologies (P) Ltd has a competent pool of engineering talent and resources to provide cutting-edge technology solutions to ever growing customer requirements. We acknowledge the customers need for post sales, service & technical support. Our dedicated sales and technical staff, across all major cities in India, are strategically placed to serve our customers. This has enabled us to secure a remarkable recognition in supplying and importing ultra-high vacuum and cryogenic equipments and components. We, at VT Vacuum Technologies, strive to provide robust and cost-effective solutions, customized to the needs of our clients.