Advanced Research Systems

Advanced Research Systems (ARS) provides a complete cryogenic solution for low temperature material characterization. ARS manufactured Pneumatic Drive Closed Cycle Cryocoolers are ideally suited for R&D applications where low temperature and low vibrations are important. ARS is uniquely qualified to design and manufacture customized cryogenic solutions as ARS can seamlessly integrate our Cryocoolers into the final design.

ARS Designs and manufactures Cryostats for the following Applications.

  • »   Optical Spectroscopy
  • »   Electron Transport
  • »   Magnetic Properties
  • »   Microscopy
  • »   Neutron Science
  • »   X-Ray Diffraction
  • »   Scanning Tunneling Microscopy
  • »   Mossbauer Spectroscopy
  • »   EPR & ESR Spectroscopy

Closed Cycle Refrigerators (CCR): The majority of our vacuum shrouds attach via a double O-ring which allows for rotation of the sample with respect to the vacuum shroud. Most customers find this useful as it allows them to rotate the sample in a magnetic field or allow for glancing angles for optical experiments. Our systems can also interface with ISO flanges or CF flanges if desired.

  • Sample in Vapor : Our Omniplex™ sample in vapor, closed cycle cryostats come in a variety of different sizes to meet the customer’s needs. These systems are available for optical, non-optical, neutron scattering, Mössbauer, and x-ray diffraction experiments. They allow for fast sample change; the typical turnaround time is about 30 minutes.
  • Ultra Low Vibration : The ultra-low vibration cryostats consist of systems that can operate with less than 10 nm of vibration, which make them ideal for surface science experiments and anything where vibrations are a concern. These systems are available in both closed cycle (cryogen free) and flow cryostats.

Cryogenic Probestation : The ARS manufactured PSF-10-1-4 Closed Cycle Cryogenic Probe Station provides a high vacuum cryogenic environment of 7 K- 800 K (with appropriate high temperature interface) for measuring multiple devices consecutively without breaking vacuum or warming the system. The ARS Probe Station features up to eight probes with 1 μm sensitivity, 2 inch measurement area, < 1 μm vibration levels, fast sample cool down, custom wiring for DC and microwave measurements (0-67 GHz), large optical access and optional 7:1 zoom microscope with ring light.

Flow Cryostats : The LT3 is the premier flow cryostat. With its matrix heat exchanger and coaxial shield flow transfer line, the LT3 is one of the most cryogen-efficient flow cryostats on the market. The ability to reach temperatures of < 2 K makes this flow cryostat well suited for just about any application.

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