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Our standard cryogen-free dilution refrigerator systems consist of three components: control unit, gas handling unit and dilution refrigerator unit.

The control unit contains all electronics, pump controls, pressure and flow readout equipment and pneumatics to control the valves. It connects to the gas handling unit by pneumatic lines and a few electric control lines. All pumps and compressors in the gas handling unit are oil-free and require little maintenance. Like anywhere else in our system, we only use high quality products, for example pumps from Varian, vacuum valves from VAT and pressure sensors from Pfeiffer Vacuum. The gas handling unit should preferably be placed in a separate pumping room. Finally this unit connects to the dilution refrigerator unit, which also contains the Cryomech pulse tube cooler.

All connections between the different units will be delivered to customer’s length specifications.


Dilution units

BF-LD series (290mm)

  • »   7 line-of-sight access ports from room temperature to the mixing       chamber: 2x KF-ISO63 (70mm, these two ports are slotted in all flanges),        5x KF40 (of which one is in the center) and 2x KF16.
  • »   The still, 50mK and mixing chamber flanges can be replaced without               removing the dilution unit itself.
  • »   The dilution unit and/or pulse tube can be replaced without removing any of        the experimental flanges.

BF-SD series (140mm)

  • »   4x KF25 (25mm up to 4K-flange) ports for experimental wiring, that reach        the mixing chamber under a small angle plus 1x KF16 line-of-sight port        down to the mixing chamber.
  • »   Easy handling and very fast turnaround time.


World’s first truly horizontal cryogen-free dilution system.

  • »   Fast cooldown time of 12-14 hours to base.
  • »   Ideal for beamline or detector experiments.
  • »   Base temperature < 10mK.
  • »   Very small foot print.
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