Company Overview
MeiVac brings more than 30 years of experience as an industry leader in providing high-quality thin film manufacturing systems, components and process solutions. MeiVac is headquartered in Northern California’s Silicon Valley where it works closely with industry leaders in many different high technology disciplines. In May 2006, MeiVac acquired the sputter Source business of US, Inc. and made it a part of the MeiVac US Components Division.

With over 6,000 of these sources delivered worldwide, MeiVac’s US Components Division has become known as a leading manufacturer of sputter deposition source, substrate heaters and associated hardware. Introduced in the 1990’s, one of the sources, the MAK, rapidly become a standard in the industry. Noted for its simplicity, ease of use and resulting high reliability, the MAK source has been designed to present the smallest profile possible and deliver higher deposition rates than any comparable sputter source. Because of its popularity, the MAK source has been used in the development of many of today’s thin film processes.


Target is retained by the magnet structure with a simple keeper. Target exchange is accomplished in moments without disassembly.
MAK sources are designed to overcome limitations commonly found in other sources:

  • »   Water channel is NOT part of the high voltage path
  • »   Magnets are NOT in the water channel
  • »   Target change does NOT require source disassembly
  • »   Only one vacuum seal and NO water to vacuum seals
  • »   Target requires NO clamping or bonding to cathode
  • »   Magnetic Materials may be sputtered with the standard magnetic assembly in most applications.
  • »   Operates in DC or RF modes
  • »   Process pressures 0.5 – 600 mTorr
  • »   Adjustable anode, improves uniformity, prevents build up and shadowing
  • »   HV or UHV designs


MeiVac offers a number of options to assist in achieving desired results. The standard model MAK source is mounted on a 12″(300mm) long support with a position clamp included. Water and power are contained at atmospheric pressure within this support. A 0.75″/19mm Quick Coupler vacuum feedthrough is required to integrate the source in the vacuum system and position it at the correct source to substrate distances.


  • »   Gas injection, to deliver process gas directly to the area of the target, reducing residual gas interaction with the sputtering process.
  • »   Right angle Flex mount, 0-45 degree angular adjustment
  • »   Low Profile, Through wall
  • »   Externally adjustable “Insitu” angular and linear sources
  • »   Custom tailored flange mounted packages
    •    Flange type and mount geometry specified by customer
  • »   Shutters & Shielding
  • »   Rotary Motion Feed through

Flange mounted single and multi-source available at customer request, ISO, ANSI, JIS, and CF.
Options include:

  • »   Shutters
  • »   Shielding
  • »   Gas injection
  • »   External adjustment of source to substrate distance or angle


Project/Process specific Custom Packages including:

  • »   Sources
    •    Standard with linear adjustment
    •    Flex mount internally adjustable angular
    •    Insitu externally adjustable linear
    •    Insitu externally adjustable angular
  • »   Shutters
  • »   Shields
  • »   Gas Injection
  • »   1.3′; 2′; 3′; 4′; 6″ sources
  • »   Two or more guns on a flange
  • »   8″ – 24″ CF,ISO,ANSI, JIS


MeiVac Heaters are configured for two general types of applications, Samples and Wafers.

  • »   Sample Blocks may be drilled and tapped for sample holding clip. Note this is per customer specification at an additional charge
    •    Sample Blocks are made of Haynes Metal and MUST be pre baked at atmosphere by the customer at or exceeding the desired operating temperature prior to          use.
    •    Haynes metal heater blocks are compatible with the Silver Thermal Paste, which is sold as an accessory by MeiVac
  • »   Wafer Blocks are Inconel metal and are wafer size specific. Wafer pockets are machined into the surface of the heater blocks
    •    Inconel is NOT compatible with Silver Thermal Paste.


  • »   UHV Compatible
  • »   O2 Compatible
  • »   Electrical bias capability
  • »   Unprecedented temperature uniformity


  • »   Sputtering
  • »   Laser ablation
  • »   Ion beam deposition
  • »   ECR, MOCVD, and others


  • »   Deluxe mounting stands, adjustable bracket with X, Y, Z movement mounted on 2.75”, 4.5” 6” rotatable CF flanges.
  • »   Mounting stands with power and thermocouple feedthroughs
  • »   18” Hook-up kit, which includes:
    •    One thermocouple with 18” lead wire
    •    Two 0.050” OFHC Copper power leads 18” long
    •    Ceramic tubes and beads for insulation and protection from plasma

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