Thermal processing Systems

MTI Corporation manufactures various types of laboratory ovens and furnaces with temperatures ranging from 200°C to 1800°C. MTI specializes in tubular CVD furnaces for growing advanced materials such  as nanowire, Graphene, CNT and thin film. MTI manufactures Single zone as well as multi zone (up to seven zones) furnaces with Alumina/Quartz/Mullite tube of various tube dimensions. MTI also manufactures Muffle Furnaces and Rapid Thermal Processing Furnaces.

Types of Furnaces:

  • »   Muffle / Box Furnace
  • »   Split Tube Furnace
  • »   Single & Multi zone Tube Furnace
  • »   High pressure and High vacuum Tube Furnace
  • »   Rapid Thermal Processing Furnace
  • »   CVD and PECVD Furnace
  • »   Dual tube furnace for Graphene & CNT Growth

Battery R&D Equipment :

MTI engineering team has more than 15 years of experience in manufacturing various types of rechargeable batteries and helped many research institutes and R&D Companies set up their battery research labs worldwide. Now, MTI is the world leading supplier in providing desktop machines and tools for battery development from battery powder preparation, electrode film coating to cell testing.

MTI provides total solution for battery preparation for coin cell, pouch cell & cylindrical battery.

  • »   Ball Mill and Vacuum Mixer
  • »   Rolling Press
  • »   Film Coater and Dip Coater
  • »   Crimping Machine
  • »   Battery Analyzer and Battery Safety Testing Machines
  • »   Pouch Cell Preparation Equipments
  • »   Cylindrical Cell Preparation Equipments
  • »   Spot and Ultrasonic Welders


Sample preparation & Material Analysis :

MTI diamond blade / wire saw is a perfect tool for cutting / dicing / slicing all kinds of materials especially for brittle crystals, ceramics, and TEM samples. It is a precise and cost effective dicing and cutting solution for R&D Labs in Materials and Micro-electronics research field.

MTI Grinding / Polishing machines can be used as a standard manual grinder or automatic lapping / polishing machine for both flat samples and metallographic samples. It is the most cost effective solution for a material research lab.

MTI’s microscopy system is perfect for metallurgical labs and foundries for silicon wafer inspection, integrated circuit examination, Quality control and R&D applications. It is an ideal instrument for metallurgical, mineral and crystal identification. It is also a great microscopy system for transmitted illumination applications including those in biological areas.

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