UHV Design

UHV DESIGN is a specialist in UHV motion and heating products with primary focus on providing high-quality low- maintenance manipulation solutions for vacuum applications. UHV Design has developed and manufactured vacuum manipulation solutions for over 15 years for high and ultra-high vacuum applications. UHV Design offers specific custom solutions by adapting and modifying standard products to meet the needs of specific applications for customers. UHV Design has supplied manipulation solutions to pioneering laboratories around the world specialising in Nanosciences, Synchrotron and Beamline applications and many others.

Linear Shift Mechanisms

Linear Shift Mechanisms (linear translators) provide linear motion along the port axis (Z). Typical applications include the positioning of Beamline filters, adjustment of sputter sources and deposition stages through to production style applications. Bakeable to 250°C, the range is supplied on CF flanges and provides true UHV performance.

The Linear Shift Mechanism range is possibly the largest of its type on the market with over 500 variations. To simplify selection, the range is divided into five standard series to suit the majority of applications and includes strokes of up to 1 metre.

Push Pull Devices

  • »   Linear and linear + rotary motion
  • »   High power-to-size ratio
  • »   No bellows – no vacuum thrust
  • »   Manual, motorised or pneumatic actuation
  • »   Bakeable to 250°C

The Magnetic Push Pull range provides linear and linear plus rotary motion solutions with up to 250mm (10″) stroke. This compact range is specifically designed for low load applications, such as specimen transfer, thermocouple ‘contacting’ or manual shutters, for high or ultra-high vacuum applications.

The range consists of three series – Rotary & Linear, Linear Only (Guided) , Linear Unguided with varying actuation options such as manual, pneumatic and stepper or DC motorized.

Rotary Drives

MagiDrive Rotary Drives

The MagiDrive range of rotary feedthroughs enables rotation to be transferred into a vacuum system, using a stiff high flux magnetic coupling. The MagiDrive range is supplied with CF UHV flanges as standard and is available in twelve sizes to match the flange and torque requirements of each application.

The series includes unique hollow options, permitting services to be passed through the centre and also allows MagiDrives to be ‘stacked’ one atop another providing up to four axes of independent rotation. A number of actuation methods are available from manually driven units, to pneumatic and motorized drives. MagiDrives are compact, bakeable to 250ºC and offer true UHV performance.

Sample Transfer Tools

Power probe Range

Power probe Range is a Professional Transfer Tool range, providing linear or combined linear and rotary motion within ultra-high vacuum. These unique probes avoid the limitations of conventional designs, offering up to order of magnitude improvements in key aspects of performance.

The Professional Transfer Tools are fully bakeable to 250°C and do not require dismantling. The probes are suitable for use between atmospheric pressure and ultra-high vacuum.


Y, XY & XYZ stages

For applications requiring multiple axes of translation, tilt, rotation or perhaps sample heating/ cooling and transfer, UHV Design can compound their various modular components to build sophisticated manipulators with up to six axes of independent motion.

Typical applications might include electron spectroscopy experiments for surface science, laser / optical probes, beam line manipulators and various deposition techniques.


The Analytical Stage

  • »   Up to 1000mm Z Motion
  • »   Up to 40mm XY motion
  • »   Polar rotation and continuous azimuthal rotation, even with LN2 cooling (direct thermocouple contact maintained)
  • »   Full motorization of all axes (easily upgradable on site)
  • »   Industry standard sample handling

The MultiCentre range of high precision instruments is the latest advance in multi-axis stages, designed to meet the ever increasing demands of today’s surface analytical and synchrotron end-station applications. Modular in design, the range consists of the XL-T Series single bellows, compact stages and the high precision, dual bellows XL-R series.

Each offers a full range of functions including resistive or e-Beam heating, sample biasing/current measurement and LN2 cooling, which can then be fitted with LHe cooling (CryoCentre series).

Sample Heater / Deposition Stages


  • »   Sample heating up to 1200 degC
  • »   True UHV operation
  • »   Sample rotation, biasing, deposition height adjustment & transfer solutions
  • »   Manual or motorized manipulation

The EpiCentre range of deposition stages employ cutting edge design and engineering to give high temperature wafer heating and manipulation under clean, true UHV conditions. EpiCentres have been designed for applications such as wafer annealing, degassing, modification, and for use with deposition techniques such as MBE (Molecular Beam Epitaxy), sputtering, and CVD (Chemical Vapour Deposition).

EpiCentres can be mounted in any orientation to suit customer chamber designs, and application configurations. There are also versions configured for higher pressure and corrosive environments, where uniquely, the heating element is contained in a separate quartz vacuum enclosure, and is therefore completely immune from the effects of oxidizing, reactive or corrosive atmospheres. The range comprises three models EpiCentre 100, Epi Pro and EpiCentre 282.

Sample Heater / Deposition Stages

Glancing Angle Deposition (GLAD)


Based upon the highly successful heritage of UHV Design’s EpiCenter manipulators, GLAD is creating great interest in structured material areas such as growth of columns, nano-helices (springs), porosity engineering and shadowed structures.

Being of UHV construction the stage is eminently suitable for use with all the usual directional deposition sources, such as:-

  • »   Thermal – e.g. e-Beam evaporators & K-cells
  • »   Pulsed Laser Deposition
  • »   Magnetron Sputtering

Radial Distribution Chamber

Radial Telescopic Transfer Arm

The telescopic radial distribution manipulator provides the ability to: -

  • »   Rotate an ‘Arm’ assembly to radial face ports about the chamber circumference.
  • »   Drive the ‘Arm’ in and out of attached chambers (up to 760mm stroke).
  • »   Lift and lower the ‘Arm’ to facilitate sample transfer.

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